Friday, March 03, 2006


Do u ever have one of those moments when u just say f**k it!?
It seems like we place so much emphasis on certain things in life and we don’t have time to come up for air.

You know? Life’s everyday commitments (work, relationships, family etc) we get so consumed by these things that before you realize it. You don’t remember the last time you had a moment to think about yourself (You do know you are allowed to do that right?)

I had a f**k it moment today. My alarm went off at 5AM and instead of hitting the snooze button, I reset the alarm for 7AM! All I could think was F**K IT, IT’S FRIDAY.
I woke up and finally got out of bed at 7:06am (I am so proud of me, I had to make a mental note) I took my time to pick out of my outfit instead of the usual snatching the first thing that pops out at me. I put on my Mary J. Blige cd and thoroughly enjoyed getting ready. I even put on some make up. (Usually I just have enough time to cleanse and moisturize) I drove at my own pace and tried as much as possible not to let anyone on the road get to me.
OKAY I’m lying, they got to me. I gave 2 people the “finger” and cut off a few danfo drivers because they started it! At about 9AM, my phones start to ring… of course its work. I guess when you spend so much time somewhere so much so that you start to look like the furniture; they get worried when you’re not there. Needless to say, I didn’t answer. My ring tones are songs I love so no complaints. (BIG UP to P-square & Jazzman) lol

Since I’ve started off the day taking the piss, I thought I’d just go all out so I figure why try to beat the lunch hour traffic to get to the bank and then stand in line when I can go now when there’s no one in the bank so I did. I would have stopped for coffee and donuts but I’m on a diet. I might even leave early today.

Speaking of coffee, I had the best cappuccino yesterday at the new cafĂ© at Nu Metro. Miss B had been raving about it so I took a detour on the way home last night to meet up and try to perpetrate like I was in Starbucks… It didn’t work but I came close. I know I’m on a diet as my cuz reminded me but to my own credit I only had one sachet of brown sugar and all I had was the cappuccino- no accompanying pastry.
As you can tell in the spirit of f**k it Friday I am doing no work and blogging instead.
When are they going to add words associated with BLOG to the English dictionary?