Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have been nursing a broken heart.
It's not easy to be in a relationship and then have the rug swept from under your feet.
You think you're on course and you can't imagine the heartbreak when you find out someone you've given yourself to unconditionally has decided to be with someone else.
Words cannot describe the miserable feeling, the darkness I find myself engulfed in.
My heart aches so badly my body hurts.
How could I give you my years, my heart... everything and you have the nerve to leave me for an older woman???
She ain't even cute! For God's sake she's the help!!!
What were you thinking? What have you done?
Somebody please tell me I'm dreaming, this is not real, please let me out of this nightmare.
I accepted the first senior citizen, the second crack-head senior citizen, but now you've stepped it up a notch and given this one a ring. I HATE YOU SO MUCH RITE NOW I CAN'T BEAR TO LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE...
I can't bear to whisper your name... I don't even want to hear it.
USHER!!! Give me back my heart! You don't deserve it! You and your 37 year old, mother of 3 can go ..... (You were always so addicted to drama... baby mama drama, psychotic cell phone throwing beeyotch drama)
I'm done stalking you!

P.S. Boris baby if you're reading this, I am now yours totally, absolutely, 110%, unadulterated, fully committed to you BOO!!!